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Glass bending

De mogelijkheden van gebogen glas

For years, Nissink Business Glass bv has excelled in delivering various curved glass solutions. We are also able to bend the glass in difficult shapes. Whether the shape is spherical, conic or cylindrical, the only boundaries that limit the shape of the glass are determined by the laws of physics. 
Nissink bends glass for enterprises in various branches, such as yacht construction, the automotive branch, interior and decoration construction and architecture.   



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Twistfire bent glass bent layerd glass for roofs and facedes Glazing facades -  Bent insulating glass Bending monumental glass

Bending float glass

Bending safety glass

Bending insulation glass

Bending restoration glass

Applications: curved glass lamps, clocks, headlights, wall furniture, decorative applications Applications: curved glass facades, skylights, sliding windows, revolving doors, shower cubicles, shop windows Applications: curved glass facades, windows, skylights, doors Applications: monumental buildings, buildings with classical or historic windows, doors, roofs or facades

The basic product float glass can be bent into practically any shape. Moreover, it can be fitted with anti-reflecting, insulating, safe or decorative characteristics.

Curved safety glass has become an integral part of interior construction and architecture. We can realize your creative ideas into a perfect and attractive glass solution. Naturally, we also take the safety into account. A number of important possibilities are available in curved safety glass.

Think of the following types of safety glass:

These glass solutions can be combined and glued structurally.

In various branches and solutions, insulation glass has to be produced in various shapes and sizes. Curved insulation glass can be applied in order to take into account energy efficiency of the rooms behind the glass. Think of curved glass with foil that is temperature and UV resistant. These foils can match the new standards and each has its own unique characteristics. 

Look at the possibilities: 



Curved restoration glass is a special type of glass that mimics the historic characteristics of various glass periods. The glass varies in transparency and structure.

You can find more information on the monumental glass periods here:

Royal-Curve curved customized glass solutions

Nissink Business Glass Bv makes use of the most innovative production method that allows us to manufacture thermally prestressed (tempered) curved glass completely computer-operated. As a result, great accuracy and a short “set up” time can be achieved which enable quick production and high quality. 

By adding adjustments to the glass, such as holes, a ceramic print or other customer wishes, we have become an excellent partner within the curved glass segment. 
With this computer-operated glass oven, we can deliver the following products: 


Yacht glass for sliding roofs

Royal-Curve L

Royal-Curve XL

Royal-Curve (monolithic hot bent)

Royal-Curve safety TP (monolithic tempered) 

Royal-Curve safety TP/LM (tempered/laminated)

Royal-Curve IGU (insulated glass unit)

Royal-Curve (monolithic hot bent)

Royal-Curve safety TP (monolithic tempered)

Royal-Curve safety TP/LM (tempered/laminated)

Royal-Curve IGU (insulated glass unit)

Max. size 1200 x 2440mm (1200mm curved edge)
Min size 200 x 500mm 
Glas thickness 4 - 12mm
Min. radius R=500mm (5-6mm)
Min. radius R=1000mm (4-8-10mm)
Min. radius R=1200mm (12mm) 

Max. size 2440 x 4200mm (2400mm curved edge)
Min. size 400 x 600mm 
Glass thickness 5-19mm
Min. radius R=1.000mm (5-6mm)
Min. radius R=1.200mm (8-12mm)
Min. radius R=1.500mm (15mm)
Min. radius R=2.000mm (19mm)


Houno oven door
Exhaust hood glass
Shower cubicle
Sliding roof yacht


Revolving door
Facade construction
Advertising column wall
Cover bicycle parking


Realizing solutions for your curved glass

In order to be able to offer the most relevant information you need for a specific product, we recommend that you contact us for noncommittal advice or a quote. .



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