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Glass screen printing

Gezeefdrukt glas - zeefdrukkenIn modern architecture, screen-printed glass always creates surprising effects. Glass in combination with color and light leads to a multitude of creative possibilities for designing interior spaces and exterior facades.

With screen printed decorations, such as texts, repeated abstract forms and colorful images, the creative possibilities are seemingly endless.
A screen-print is generally used for repeating work.

Superior adhesion of the paint

The glass is printed with ceramic paint by means of the screen-printing technology. The paint is fired on the glass at +/- 600 °C, in which a superior adhesion is made between the ceramic paint and the glass. This way of working makes sure that the color cannot be removed from the glass, even with a solvent. There are also no discolorations due to exposure to sunlight. By burning in the paint at high temperature, the glass also gets the mechanical and thermal properties of single safety glass.

|These colored panels can also be further processed into laminated and / or insulating glass.

Most of the Ral colors can be used.

Applications of the Screen printed glass

  • buildings
  • facade coating
  • windows
  • roof glazing
  • balustrades
  • partition walls or wall coverings for bathrooms and kitchens

Our standard range of decorations already offers a multitude of possibilities. Depending on your needs and desires, tailor-made decorations, a personal photo, company logo and a personal motif, are all a possibility.

The screen-printed motif can also be used as anti-slip glass for when people walk over it.