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Structurally glued glass walls

Structurally glued glass wallsStructurally glued glass walls for modern architecture

Structurally glued glass walls are a must for, among other things, modern architecture, laboratories and hospitals. Modern architecture aesthetically calls for solutions for avoiding windows, so that the building gets the glass appearance the architect intended.

Structurally glued walls for hygiene.

This solution has a completely different purpose for hospitals and laboratories. In particular, for the sterility of the interior, the structurally glued glass walls are essential. Nissink Business Glass makes and places structurally glued walls to measure.

Further advantages of structural bonding

Besides the aesthetic appearance and a clean interior, structurally glued glass has a couple of other important advantages.

Structurally glued for exteriors

Particularly for the exteriors of a building, laminated and toughened safety glass is used. The film that is used in the layers of the glass gives provides inside protection from UV-radiation, heat and cold. The glass is additionally reinforced and has an insulating effect.

Structurally gluing for interiors

When structurally gluing glass in an interior, tempered glass is usually used. This glass is reinforced by high heat and is more resistant to shocks and temperature fluctuations.
Of course, the correct type of glass for every application of structural gluing is examined based on the situation. Ask for sound advice at Nissink Business Glass.