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Glass kitchen walls

Glass as back wall in your kitchen

Nissink Business Glass measures, supplies and installs glass back walls in kitchens. This form of kitchen design is both a functional and modern way to give your kitchen wall a sleek appearance.

Glass in other places of your home
Besides placing glass walls in the kitchen, they can also be used elegantly in other places in your home; for example, a mirror in the bathroom, bedroom or toilet room.

Glass kitchen wall: measuring is knowing

Accuracy is a must for measuring and placing glass walls in kitchens. The glass wall in your kitchen should be placed as tightly as possible (± 2 mm). Openings for corners, sockets and racks are possible at an extra charge.

Recommended types of glass for kitchen walls

Basically, you can use any type of glass for your kitchen back wall. However, most people choose glass with a coating. The final color choice should be made using samples, which we bring with us during the measuring, or these can be sent if desired.

Glass behind the cooking area as a protection screen

Behind the cooking area, we recommend toughened (security) glass, a stainless steel back wall or natural stone as a protection screen in your kitchen. The latter two combine perfectly with glass in your kitchen.
Advantages of glass as kitchen wall (according to our customers)
1.     Glass, with its sparkle, is beautiful to look at.
2.     Glass makes the kitchen appear visually larger, with its reflecting effect.
3.     Glass is an original, modern and functional eye-catcher.
4.     Glass is hygienic; black edges belong to the past.
5.     Glass is easy to clean.

Interested in a glass kitchen wall?

If you are interested, you can request a quote through our quotation form. You will then receive an answer within 24 hours as to what the prices are for your kitchen. You can also ask for prices by telephone or by fax. Make sure you have the overall dimensions of the desired glass at hand. Faxes are also possible, preferably with a schematic drawing. However, we do recommend requesting a quote using the form, because you will receive it more quickly. Depending on how busy it is, we will call you back in a couple of days to give you the quote for the glass kitchen wall.

Quote for glass kitchen back wall

If you agree with the quote, the glass for your kitchen wall will be measured accurately to the millimeter. We will also bring the above samples so you can make a choice. After this, the glass will be cut to size, cut around poly, if necessary also corners and socket recesses and / or holes to, for example, to hang up a rack.

Confirmation of the glass wall

The glass is attached, without screw holes, using special transparent cement along the edges. This also ensures watertight glue.

Preparation glass kitchen wall: what you should look out for

Make sure that the lamps sockets have enough wiring so that the measuring and placing of the glass wall can be done as quickly as possible. A good finish is paramount to us.