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Glass staircases

Glass staircasesA stairwell is a physical, vertical connection between various spaces in a building. The spatial effect is significantly increased by means of the installation of a glass stair well. Glass staircases and railings make it possible to let in more light and space and use this optimally. Walking on a glass staircase might make some feel somewhat uneasy, but with the right construction and correct placement of glass, this is perfectly safe. 

Glass staircases of layered glass

Glass steps and floor parts are always composed of multiple layers of glass. Usually these are three layers of glass connected through PVB-foil (polyvinyl butyral). The thickness of the glass is dependent upon the chosen sizes and the chosen construction of the glass staircase. The layered glass that is used for the glass staircase is available in various types of PVB, that is:

Staircases with decorative glass

The glass steps or floor parts are also available with decorative glass that can be hardened or mild. These decorations add to the beauty of your glass stair well. 

Glass silk-screen prints for communication, beauty and safety

Undecorated glass surfaces can be slippery, especially when wet. Nissink Business Glass delivers safe glass that is coded with silk-screen prints. For example, you can have the glass decorated with enamel spots or stripes. Furthermore, you could opt for a rough, matte layer of ink to make the glass staircase safer.