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Basic Glass

Basic Float glassFloat glass, also referred to as the
4th generation flat glass, single-glazing
or clear glass, has been the international standard for producing high-quality glass since 1952. Float glass is made from a mixture of sand, lime, soda, dolomite and
glass gravel that is melted at a temperature of 1600 degrees. The melted glass is subsequently
placed in a shallow tub of liquid tin in which it floats and forms a beautifully polished layer of glass, hence the term Float glass. The possibilities are endless. The normal variety of Float glass has a light green color as a result of the presence of iron oxide. By adding coatings and substances to the basic float glass, various additional varieties can be made. For example, an extra clear glass variety and a glass variety with anti-reflective coating exist and you can make all types of shapes and colors appear in the glass.