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Patterned glass

Patterned glass is to produce all kinds. Patterned glass is tempered glass with a characteristic structure and relief. Here are a few known variants of patterned glass:

Wired glass

Wired glassWired glass is also suitable as a limited safety glass. The glass has a square metal wire structure that holds the glass together when damaged. Harder strikes against this type of file is not patterned. The strike causes a hole into the wired glass. 






Master glass

masterglasMasterglass is available in three types: carré, ligne and point.




Gratin patterned glass

granite patterned glass granite bronzed glassGranite is a granite structure type and is available in a clear and a bronze version. The thicknesses range from 4, 6 and 8mm (bright) and 6mm (bronze).


Martelé patterned glass

martele patterned glassTorture is a patterned glass structure derived from an Art Nouveau silversmithing techniques. The structure of glass has Martelé bit like a cracked desert floor. Martelé is available in a thickness of 4mm.
Martelé patterned glass

Chinchilla glass figure

Chincilla patterned glassChinchilla has the structure of the coat of the same rodent. Available in 4 mm clear glass and bronze.
Chinchilla Chinchilla patterned bronze patterned glass







Polar patterned glass

polar patterned glassPolar has a patterned structure of frozen condensation. Variations in 4mm clear and yellow.

Clear Polar Polar patterned yellow patterned glass






Ask us for more available patterns and colours like:

  • Cathedral glass
  • Oceanic
  • Drop water
  • Gusantic
  • Delta
  • Maya
  • Imprimé 130
  • Silvit
  • Gothic
  • Aero
  • Pharaoh
  • Orchid
  • Screen
  • AltDeutch K
  • Ijsbloemenglas
  • Niagara
  • Bambou
  • Abstract
  • DO 151 imprimé
  • Canele