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Royal Light® LED glass

Led glassRoyal Light is extra clear glass that has a printed grid point. As a result, the glass may light up with the aid of LED lighting. This creates the modern LED glass.

Because the printing technique on the glass so refined, the LED glass seems almost transparent without the lighting. When it's activated the transparancy almost completely

Architects can indulge thereselfs with LED glass

With an integrated LED technology allows the complete glass facades with 16.7 million colors illuminate!

Architects can thus light the style element redefines business. For example, buildings can attract attention and stand out against the static environment. Also, the LED glass the interior of a complex singing a lively show, by signs, artwork and displays to be processed.

Applications for Royal Light ® LED glass

Royal Light® LED glass can be used by specialist companies with knowledge of LED lighting using it as a base for signing, such as:

  • Led glass room divider wallwall lighting
  • displays
  • cladding
  • floors
  • artworks
  • signposting
  • and many other applications for indoor and outdoor

LED glass creates illuminated logos, patterns or images

Royal LED Light ® glass can be produced for many different targets. It's possible to print the point grid partially for lifting patterns, logos and graphics. Conversely, these objects can also be saved for the opposite effect. Or printed in another colour for a different effect.

Led glass kitchen wallAlternating colors with RGB LEDs

With white prints changing colors can be created with RGB LEDs. This keeps the look of the glass neutral when the light is on. In order to increase the light yield a white background could be chosen. An ideal solution for modern wall and floor decoration and signing.