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Varnished glass

Lacobel varnished glass solutionsLacobel is a wide range of varnished float glass that is only suitable for interior applications. The non-transparent Lacobel glass is produced by fitting one side of the glass with colored varnish. As a result, a wide gamma of shiny colors can be made. Lacobel plays with light and creates new dimensions.

Advantages of Lacobel glass

  • Tasteful and trendy
    Lacobel matches the current interior architectural trends perfectly. The varnished glass can be beautifully combined with materials such as steel, stone and wood.
  • The durable beauty
    layer of varnish on the Lacobel glass is always applied at the side of the carrying panel. Consequently, the glass is protected from a multitude of deteriorations. In this way, the look and feel of the glass is retained.
  • Easy to attach
    Lacobel glass is placed in the same way as mirrors are. Nissink recommends the use of double-sided tape.
  • Environment friendly
    The varnish used does not contain any heavy metals or chemical substances that can damage the environment.
  • Endless creative possibilities
    Lacobel can be used as a writing surface and therefore offers endless possibilities for communication and creativity.

Applications of Lacobel glass

Lacobel can only be used indoors. A few applications are:

  • Horizontal or vertical
  • In tables
  • In shelves
  • As fixed and sliding doors for cupboards and wardrobes
  • As wall lining
  • In kitchens
  • In bathrooms


Lacobel Safe, safety glass with color

Lacobel glass is also available in a safety version, called “SAFE”. This safety glass is made by fitting the back with a transparent, colorless synthetic foil. This foil has a triple function:

  • The shards stick to the foil after breaking. This prevents injuries and damage.
  • The varnish layer of the glass is scratchproof.
  • The varnish layer of the glass is waterproof, which is useful in bathrooms and kitchens.

Below, you can find a table containing the options with regard to the thickness of the glass product. Practically each color is possible upon request.

Lacobel 4mm 6mm
Lacobel White / Black
Lacobel Standard Color*
Lacobel Non-Standard Color**
Lacobel White 9010 Optiwhite
Lacobel Blue Chromatic










  • DLF 2000/2250/2400/2550 x 3210
  • Mixed frames or boxes
  • Separate panels 
  • Completely cut panels
  • Fixed sizes / polished


  • The Lacobel is also available in lacobelsafe, which protects the varnish layer from water and offers extra safety to people in case the glass breaks.
  • The product “menthe” (pastel green) is one of the most popular colors on the market.