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Triple glazing

When designing a structure, the performance of glazing is an important element for a passive house with a good energy performance. 
To reduce the use of energy when heating up a house, a high thermal insulation, a high level of transparency and free solar profits are necessary. In order to meet the required level, EVM offers an extra clear triple-glazing with the possibility of adding solar control and self-cleaning characteristics.

The triple-glazing of EVM meets the requirements of the BBC (bâtiment basse consummation). This new generation of glass norms has multiple appliances for both new developments and renovations (windows, doors, porches, balconies, façades). The triple-glazing offers thermal insulation that is 9 times higher than that of single-glazing and 5 times higher than that of a traditional double-glazing.

The triple-glazing consists of two extra clear glass panels with a low emission (positions 2 and 5) and an extra clear glass panel in the middle. The glass panels are separated by two closed spaces filled with argon gas, which insulates more than air does.

A self-cleaning glass with low emissions can reduce the effects of external condensation caused by the extremely low rate Ug. 

EVM is the only one who always uses Extra clear glass in all its triple glass. Extra clear glass has a highly neutral color and as a result offers maximum illumination and optimal visibility for objects behind glass. This realistic color display is possible due to the removal of the green color caused by iron oxide in regular clear glass.



  Triple glass in regular clear glass Triple glass in extra clear glass
Light transmission 62 71
Direct energy transmission 32



Type of glass U-value
Single-glazing 5.8 W/m²K
Double-glazing 2.8 W/m²K
High-efficiency glas (HR+) 1.4 W/m²K
High-efficiency with gas (HR++) 1.1 W/m²K
Triple glass wit 0.6-1.0 W/m²K


U-value Glass composition Hollow thickness Total glass thickness
0.6 W/m²K 4mm low-e / 15mm + argon / 4mm / 15mm + argon / 4mm low-e 2 x 15mm 42mm
0.7 W/m²K 4mm low-e / 12mm + argon / 4mm / 12mm + argon / 4mm low-e 2 x 12mm 36mm
0.8 W/m²K 4mm low-e / 10mm + argon / 4mm / 10mm + argon / 4mm low-e 2 x 10mm 32mm
1.0 W/m²K 4mm low-e / 8mm + argon / 4mm / 8mm + argon / 4mm low-e 2 x 8mm 28mm