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Restoration glass

Restoration glass is characterized by special production methods that imitate earlier glass styles, and is often used in historic buildings. Restoration glass distinguishes itself in the following types:

Various types of renovation glass

Type of renovation glass
Period Description Characteristics Production method
Colonial glass 1660 1560-1850 1st generation flat glass Distorts strongly, poor visibility, 7mm Cylinder
Traditional glass 1835 1820-1890 2nd generation flat glass Distorts strongly, Good visibility, 7mm Distorted
Traditional glass 1910 1900-1935 2nd generation improved flat glass Distorts slightly,
good visibility, 7mm
Monumental glass 1940 1935-1965 3rd generation flat glass Distorts slightly,
very good visibility, 7mm


Performances and characteristics renovation glass

Characteristic     Performances
Thickness single glass 2 / 3 / 4 mm
Thickness layered glass  5,8 / 6,8 / 7,8 mm
Heat insulation   From 5,9 up to 1,0 W/m2k
Sound insulation From 27 up to 40 dB-proof
Safety up to category P6b
Fireproof Up to 60 minutes
Solar control G-valutot 59%