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Colonial glass 1660

Colonial glassColonial glassColonial glass is an old technique for blown glass, which creates an irregular waving surface and bubbles in the glass. The extreme transparency of the Extra Clear Colonial glass provides a very high air transmission and a high level of natural lighting. This blown Colonial glass is often used in the renovation of museums and castles. Colonial glass is also available in a layered variety.

The Colonial blown renovation glass distinguishes itself by its extraordinary transparency with regard to quality of the washed and dried sand; this improves the quality of the glass. It exactly reproduces the original glass. From the nineteenth century, Colonial mouth-blown glass was selected for the glazing of manors. Nowadays, the glass is essential for the repair of old furniture and old windows.

Applications of colonial glass:

  • Colonial glass increases the antique value of furniture or cupboards. When renovating old manors, monumentally renovation glass perfectly restores the esthetic look of façades instead of a clear glass (float), which gives a shining or reflecting effect or even a black hole.
  • We offer world famous renovation glass. The architects of historic monuments and buildings in France often recommend Colonial glass.
  • In order to meet the safety norms for outside glazing in construction, this monument glass or renovation glass can be laminated with casting resin or PVB or this glass can be assembled in double-glazing.