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Monumental glass 1940

Monumental restoration glassIn earlier times one could not pull glass in a plain plate. The glass emerged slight irregularities that helped set the character of old museums, monuments, railway stations, market places and churches. This is now the so-called monumental glass or mouth blown glass.

Modern monumental glass

Monumental restoration glass is a special type of glass with a curved surface structure. This glass will literally helps classical monuments remain classic. Meaning glass with a historical appearance, produced with the highest quality that we use now.
Monumental glass or restoration glass is suitable for all types of window frames and sliding windows and available in 3mm and 4mm. You can perfectly align it to any construction project.

Monumental glass types according to the principle of Fourcault

Monumental glass is the only glass type coming this near to the unique look of blown glass. An advantage of the new type of monumental glass is that with the drawn glass method larger sizes can be made rather than with the original blown glass. Special UV-resistant coatings for protection of fragile paintings are among the standard options.

Laminated monument glass

All combinations with modern safety glass are possible.

for example:

  •      Monumental glass / 2pvb / 4mm float
  •      Vitrum Resist glass = Colonial 1.5-3.5mm / resin / 4 mm float

Insulating monumental glass

Also here are all possible combination. examples:

  •      Monumental Glass / 3.5mm cavity / 4mm float U = 3.4
  •      Monumental Glass / 3.5mm cavity argon / 4mm float low-e U = 2.3
  •      Monumental Glass / 6 mm cavity argon / 4mm float low-e U = 2.0
  •      All other cavity widths are also available.

A black spacer can be used to replace the modern aluminum
colored spacer. This gives a more consistent look.