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Colored Laminated Glass

Vanceva colored laminated glassColored laminated glass made with Vanceva products provides solutions to many architectural design challenges. Colored laminated glass is the only glass that has durability, high performance and multi-functional benefits while the aesthetic appearance of the glass stays intact.

The color layer system Vanceva can create a wide variety of colors and moods. Vanceva glass is particularly suitable for use in windows, atriums, skylights, partitions and conference rooms. The designs are beautiful and expressive, with distinctive hues that vary from subtle to extreme.

he colored film layers of Vanceva are based on red, yellow, blue, black and white and can be combined up to four layers. In this way it can create more than 1000 different colors, ranging from neutral, soft off-white and brown tones to vibrant, bright purple and orange tones. These chosen layers are dependent by the choice for the final color of the glass.

The layered aspect provides safety and can easily be combined with burglary-proof, bullet-proof, sound-proofing and UV-resistant safety glass.