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Laminated Glass

Comparing laminated glass to toughened glass

Laminated glass breaks faster than toughened glass does, but due to the presence of the PVB-film it is much harder to break completely. When the glass breaks, the laminated glass forms a star break, while toughened glass immediately falls apart into thousands of tiny pieces. Moreover, the laminated glass, unlike the toughened glass, can be sawed, cut or drilled. Furthermore, the PVB-film functions as a UV filter and protects the goods behind the glass from coloration. Laminated glass is also sound insulating and can provide optimal warmth-insulation in combination with double-glazing.

PVB laminated glass. Adding safety and comfort.

Laminated glassLaminated glass is often applied as extra protection in windows, balconies or sloping roof glazing. Certain versions also form an excellent security against burglary attempts with a sledgehammer or burners. One or multiple elastic films of the synthetic material “polyvinylbutryal” (PVB) have been placed in between the layers of glass. The pressure and the temperature during manufacturing are so high that the PVB-layers are permanently connected to the glass.

EVA Laminated glass. Ideal for outdoor glass solutions.

Recently, the laminated glass with EVA film used. EVA stands for Etyleen Vinyl Acetate. This film is less sensitive to moisture and is therefore more suitable for outdoor applications of laminated glass. Depending on the required protection, a package can be composed which consists of several thicknesses glass and foil. Laminated glass with EVA film is used when an application between 2 windows is required.

Sentry Glass®. Laminated glass with a heavy duty foil.

Laminated glass with SentryGlass® technology

Sentry® safety glass is used when there is a demand for an extra strong material. SentryGlas® is used in facades where high strength is required. If the glass is broken, the laminate keeps its form.

Sentry Glass® laminated glass adds extra strength

The Sentry Glass® material is 100 times stiffer and 5 times tougher than traditional laminate. Sentry Glass® is therefore very popular among the structural glazing specialists and advanced glass laminators.

Roles of Sentry Glass® for faster delivery

The company DuPont announced commercial availability of its popular Sentry Glass® high-performance safety glass interlayer 0.89 mm in new roles. This will increase the speed and convenience of laminating stronger safety glass for architectural applications. This way Nissink Business Glass is able to deliver the Sentry Glass® faster to his clients. Request a free quote or contact us for more information.

Brochure SentryGlas®

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