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Housing construction

The housing construction sector has a large and broad demand for glass in all shapes and sizes. For your convenience, Nissink Business Glass bv categorizes this sector in Interior and Exterior

Interior glass

Nissink Business Glass delivers all types of glass for the housing construction sector. For example, various types of decorative glass, safety glass, soundproof glass and fire-resistant glass.
The glass solutions are, among other things:

  • Shower cabinets,
  • Hard-glass doors and facades,
  • Separation walls,
  • Stairs,
  • Heaters,
  • Glass walls and
  • Parts of equipment.

Exterior glass

The exterior of a house also has specific requirements. Nissink is familiar with the norms and acts on this knowledge. The exterior glass will therefore always be safe and durable. You can expect the following glass solutions for the exterior:

  • Balcony glazing with various door systems
  • Double-glazed windows
  • Insulated conservatories
  • Structurally glued facades