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Maritime industry

Royal-Maritime® - specialist in yacht glass

Nissink Business Glass bv is specialised in industrial processing and compositions of glass for yachts. Under the name of Royal-Maritime we offer a total package in curved, tempered, single and double glass.

If you're active in the maritime sector, we can also offer added value to your company. Want to know how? Or want more information about our yacht glass?

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Royal Curve Safety single Royal Curve Safety laminated Royal Curve Safety insulated
Single toughened glass. Equipped with ceramic framework. Ideal for the roofs of yachts. Curved glass (unhardened) with 1.52 mm PVB laminated. Specially formulated for the windshield of yachts. Curved glass, chemically strengthened and made into insulation (Also suitable for structural bonding). The solution for glazing saloon!


Boat glass for every compartment

  • Boat glass for the sunroof of the yacht
    Many yachts have a roof where a window can be placed. This may be a fixed window, sliding windows or a tilt window. The glass used is protective safety glass withstand light impacts. The placement of sliding Nissink Business Glass has custom made skylight systems.
  • Boat glass for the windscreen
    The windshield portion of the hunting requires laminated safety glass. The windscreen must withstand pressure and light impacts. Thanks to the PVB layer between the two layers of glass continues the glass to each other after a possible fracture. This keeps you and protect your interior.
  • Boat glass for the saloon
    Most yachts have a separate saloon area that has its own requirements when it comes to glazing. For example: energy efficient, strong and resistant to cold, heat and UV-radiation from the outside. The best saloon glazing in these cases is chemically tempered insulating glass. For optimal comfort and energy savings.


Possibilities boat glass & installation

The most common potential for the placement of glass in a boat is divided into three options:

  • If you choose structurally bonded or window placement?
  • Insulating glass or single glass?
  • Curved glass or flat glass?


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